John Lockwood Kipling: Changing Worlds

King’s College London, 4th March 2017, 10am-6pm.

This one-day interdisciplinary international conference, co-organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum and King’s College London, is centred on the career and artistic networks of the draughtsman, designer, architectural sculptor, art school teacher and colonial museum curator (as well as sometime journalist and folklorist) John Lockwood Kipling (1837-1911). Overshadowed, since his death, by the literary fame of his son Rudyard, in his lifetime Lockwood Kipling was recognized as a major cultural figure in colonial India. He made far-reaching contributions to the growth of museums in India and to the revival of traditional crafts and design. His mark is still visible within the urban fabric of the cities he inhabited in the reliefs that adorn the portals of Crawford Market in Mumbai or the Museum and National College of Arts buildings in Lahore. The conference serves two purposes: we wish to bring Lockwood’s remarkably varied career to attention once again, and to debate his legacy within the global networks of his time.

The conference programme is now available here.

The conference is organised by Dr. Alexander Bubb (King’s College London) and Prof Sandra Kemp (Victoria & Albert Museum), who are both also on the Council of The Kipling Society.

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